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Drawing from the best of the technological and management know-how and talent of Silicon Valley and Eastern Europe , the SIBIZ team is empowered to solve the most complex technological problems.
The Team is a reflection of an inspiring culture of innovation, creativity and technological excellence where everyone is encouraged to think outside the box in finding the best possible solution.

The result is superior products and services enabling our customers to exceed their development and business goals
Our team is the key to our success and we are committed of preserving the high standards of our engineering by attracting only the top engineering talent.
Sibiz Student Program
We are proud to say that Sibiz has already established traditions and strategic relationships with leading Universities and the Academic Community of engaging at an early stage with the top University graduates.

  Sibiz has helped shaping the professional development of many talented students by providing guidance, helping defining their research and thesis projects and providing supervision and direction.  
The graduates that have gone through our program not only have excelled in their research and thesis projects but many have become key members of our engineering organization. Recruiting only the best is an implementation of our strategy of keeping the highest engineering standards in our engineering team.
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